of Montreal- Cherry Peel

Here is an old favourite that I’ve been listening to alot this week. Even if you don’t listen to it for a while, as soon as you listen again it all feels really familiar and cosy. It’s such a wonderful record from start to finish. The album came out when I was 6 (in 1996) and is the debut album from of Montreal. It couldn’t be much further from Skeletal Lamping, really.

I love both the old of Montreal, and the new of Montreal. I love Hissing Fauna and Skeletal Lamping, but there’s something so sweet and endearing about Cherry Peel. There are simple melodies, simple lyrics, simple instrumentation… but it all feels so warm and lovely, you can’t help but love it. The album turns in at 35 minutes, which is ideal if you want to listen to it over and over (which, of course you do). I used to listen to it in just about every accounting lecture I had last year (pfft, no wonder I could never understand all that accountancy mumbo jumbo). 

The whole album is brilliant but there are some particularly lovely tracks. There are tons of heartwarming and beautiful lyrics throughout the album. Perhaps the sweetest of all is Tim I Wish You Were Born A Girl. It’s light hearted and fun, about how Kevin has a great friend who he likes more than any girl he’s ever met. He says about all the little things they could do (make spaghetti, take care of each other when they’re sick etc etc) but it’s not the same as if Tim was a girl, basically. I Can’t Stop Your Memory is another favourite of mine. The whole album is great for a sing-a-long, but I really like singing that one. And Springtime Is The Season

If it’s not already, you need this album in your life.

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