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The food bus:

I really enjoy drawing, it’s one of my favourite things. I know I’m not very good at it and everything that I draw looks the same. I like to draw anyway. Jack of all trades, master of none, right?

You know who I haven’t blogged about in ages? Leah Hayes. I love her drawings and her songs. A double wammy of win. Look at some of her drawings here.

The food bus is fun because it reminds me of She Keeps Bees. One Friday after work I got this cheap sketch pad from Cowling and Wilcox on Shoreditch High Street.  I wanted to draw in it right away. I was enroute to Brixton but didn’t fancy the tube so I got the bus. It was fun because I got the upper deck front window street. I started drawing while the bus was moving slowly, but I was super self concious because I didn’t want people to look at what I was doing. Then when I finally got to Brixton I set about finishing it off at a table and Jess came and sat down with me and had a look and it was lovely. I miss seeing them play so much, they’re really wonderful and a pair of nice people to be around. Listen to them.

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