Review: Everything I Saw This Week

I had such a busy week over the past seven days, I haven’t had much time to update my blog. Displeasing. I worked Monday, Thursday and Friday. My contract came to an end two weeks ago but they asked for me to stay an extra two weeks. I was too busy but agreed to stay part time. Then there was The Allotment, which was quite time absorbing, but it must be one of the best ways to have your time absorbed. Anyway, chronology:

Sunday: Sunday was the October edition of Bandstand Busking. 4 bands played: Stairs To Korea, Lofty Heights, Tap Tap and Player Piano. I love Bandstand Busking, it’s brilliant. Take a stop:

Monday: Greg is the mastermind behind The Lofty Heights. He’s originally from San Francisco but lives here now and makes some sweet music. To celebrate the new Eye Contact 7″ Greg hosted a single launch at The Slaughtered Lamb and kindly asked me to DJ. It was a really fun evening. One of my favourite local bands, Lulu and the Lampshades, also played. Lovely time.

Tuesday: Chris Garneau. He was incredible, I reviewed that show.

Wednesday: THE ALLOTMENT! It was wonderful. It sold out and some of the best folk in town came along. So honored to have been able to host such a fun event with Lynn, with many more to come…

Thursday: Fiery Furnaces at Cargo. They were great. Eleanor has a really intense stare when she sings and it was a fun show.

Friday I got Nando’s to celebrate the epic win of the first Allotment, and this evening I saw Sondre Lerche support John Darnielle, The Mountain Goats, at Queen Elizabeth Hall. Quite lovely.

Now I am in charge of my schedule I can blog whenever I fancy. Hurrah! I love the symmetry of the past year. I have lots of things to keep busy with. So nearly finished my comics, Allotment 2, a ton of drawing that needs to get done…

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