Review: ILLFIT at The Old Blue Last

On Monday I headed to the Old Blue Last to catch a show hosted by ILLFIT. ILLFIT shows are where it’s at, because they’re free. Always a bonus. This particular lineup featured Sebastian Schuller, Cate Le Bon and The Rest. 

Sebastian Schuller was first. His set suffered from some sound issues, but he’s a trooper and played on un-phased. He reminded me alot of Alaska In Winter; it was mostly pre-recorded tracks with him performing the vocals live. I’d seen Cate Le Bon before, she has a lovely voice and I like the way her accent sounds. 

The Rest headlined and were wonderful. The band are from Canada and were lovely and you should have a listen to their songs here

ILLFIT have another show next Tuesday at The Social. Holly Miranda is playing and it makes me super sad that it clashes with Soap&Skin. Boo hoo hoo. 

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