Review: Immaculate Machine at The Wilmington Arms

Having listened to High On Jackson Hill earlier that day I was pretty excited to see Immaculate Machine play. Wonderful promoters The Local were hosting the show so I got down there early and hung about. It’s so cosy at the Wilmington Arms; right by Exmouth Market, which is a pretty nice road. I haven’t been down it in almost a year.

Before the show I listened to the bands soundcheck. Immaculate Machine were yet to arrive and apparently stuck in traffic, but they arrived just in the nick of time, just before doors. They did a quick soundcheck and put their equipment away just as folks started to arrive. I bought Brooke’s comic for £5 (bargain!) and got excited and told him how cool I think his comics are. I showed him my book of comics and we talked about comics and tour and it was lovely. My glasses were broken that day, and I ended up chatting to Leslie, who plays keys in the band, about my broken glasses and exciting stuff like vari-focals and contact lenses. From the time I spent chatting to the pair I got the impression they are lovely people and I was immediately endeared to them and excited to see them play.

They headlined the show and were brilliant. My glasses re-broke because they were so head-nodding-ly good. It was pretty upbeat, fun pop music with some really nice guitar parts and harmonies. Girl Brooke has a really nice voice and can play some pretty nifty parts on the guitar, and boy Brooke was a great frontman. They played quite a few songs from High On Jackson Hill as well as some that I wasn’t familiar with. Nothing Ever Happens In My Town particularly caught my ear and had a real sing a long type chorus. A very enjoyable gig, they played right up until curfew. Would love to see them again, listen to them here.

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