Review: Julie Doiron at the Luminaire

Julie Doiron is quite wonderful. Her set at the Luminaire was much more awake and enthused than the Pure Groove instore the day before. The band opened with The Wrong Guy, from Julie’s record Woke Myself Up. It’s a lovely song and showcases Julie’s smooth, soft, soothing voice. There’s something really charming about her stage presence. She’s just the right amount of shyness. Enough so that it is sweet and endearing, but not so much that it has an effect on the performance in any way.

The band played alot of songs from I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day, a song that Fred the guitarist wrote, and a folk song the three of them wrote together. Julie told us a completely bizarre story about a dream she had two years ago. It was a long story, but basically, she dreamt she gave birth to a baby lobster. It was sweet and funny. She joked ‘I’m not usually this goofy, I’m usually… cool” before laughing and playing more songs.

Julie’s been making music for years, and apparently has 3 children, one of them is 15. What a cool mum. Having liked her music before seeing her live, I feel I like the songs even more now and will probably delve further into her extensive back catalogue. Her songs tell stories, and are wonderfully captivating and cute. Particularly songs like Nice To Come Home. It’s got simple guitar and lyrics that make you go ‘awwwwh’. I’ve not been able to get the song out of my head since hearing it live. Before closing she played a really lovely song called For Me, for my friend Alan. It made me super happy and was very special and lovely. Yay for Alan! What a lovely moment.

I end this week a much bigger Julie Doiron fan now. Listen to her songs and come see her live when she comes back. Also worth a mention are Construction and Deconstruction, from Novia Scotia. They supported and had some interesting moments, check them out here.

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