Review: Tom Brosseau at The Windmill

I was too lazy to take photographs. Sometimes it’s nice not to have to carry a heavy camera and lenses across from North London to South London, you know? So I drew a picture instead.

This was my second time catching Tom Brosseau. I’ve had Cavalier for ages, and this year he released a new record, Posthumous Success. I listened to it alot while I was doing some work for FatCat/One Little Indian earlier this year.

Tom is quite tall, he looks a bit like a cowboy, which make his modern day pop culture references all the more amusing. He’s very charming. He had drank a little too much this particular night and apologetically kept reaching for his water. He played songs from the newest record such as Favourite Colour Blue (which drew laughs from the audience for the line about dreaming about Dave Grohl) and You Don’t Know My Friends

An extra treat was instore. Tom invited his friend, Portland singer Shelley Short, to sing with him. The harmonies in Boothill were absolutely gorgeous, and as the song trailed into Been True it got even more wonderful. Been True is one of my favourite songs of the year and the fuller sound brought by Shelley’s sweet voice, which worked perfectly with Tom’s, was delightful. 

They played a couple more on the stage, including the lovely New Heights, before departing to the middle of the audience. “I just like playing acoustic” Tom explains. I LIKE YOU PLAYING ACOUSTIC TOO, TOM! It was brilliant. First he and Shelley covered Tom Waits’ Innocent When You Dream. Tom’s soft, charming voice couldn’t have been much further from Mr Waits’. I loved the cover. They ended with Kiss My Lips from Cavalier. Shelley and Tom had great chemistry performing together and their voices mingled well. He did an encore alone, in the audience again, employing use of the harmonica.

Wonderful show. Listen to Tom Brosseau and investigate Shelley Short.

Oh, oops. I forgot to mention that the support act, Lay Low, was absolutely brilliant. She’s from Iceland and played with a slide guitar/banjo/second guitar player and it was lovely. Her songs are very sweet and she has a great voice. Listen to her too.

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