Scout Niblett + Monotonix + Phosphorescent

You want a non-sensical lineup? Voila! To celebrate Toutpartout’s 15th anniversary they’ve laid on a truly bizarre lineup at the Scala on November 26th. For more information go here. Seeing Monotonix once was enough (they were good n’all, just I saw way too much of the singer’s bottom for my liking) but Phosphorescent and Scout Niblett seem well worth having my mind scarred with more hairy butt flashes. You can buy tickets here.

Go here to watch Kiss, a lovely duet by Scout Niblett with Will Oldham. It’s beautiful. The video is odd.

Here is the short, sweet, beautiful, wonderful At Death, A Proclamation by Phosphorescent. I’ve been meaning to see Phosphorescent live for ages and it would be a treat to hear him play. I don’t remember if I ever gave him Beard Of The Day (back when I was running that weird beard-centric feature) but he obviously deserves it. I really recommend checking out Pride, it’s a beautiful album full of solid tracks, including the epic nine minute spectacular My Dove, My Lamb. It’s definately night time music. Matthew Houck has a soft, warm voice. I haven’t listened in a while and am remembering how much I like it, perhaps it’s time to revisit it…

EDIT: He did get Beard of the Day!

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