Soap&Skin at the Purcell Rooms this evening

I’m really excited to finally see Soap&Skin perform at the Purcell Rooms tonight. After missing her show in March (it was a clashy day of DOOM) I’ve been really keen to hear her play live, especially after reading so many glowing reviews. From watching videos she seems, erm, EXTREMELY intense. And I love that. I always prefer when artists show emotion when they’re playing; so much better than when they seem distanced from what they’re playing (or bored). 

My favourite Soap&Skin song is Spiracle. It’s got beautiful, gorgeous piano. And then harrowing screaming over the top, fused with moments of beautiful singing. It’s amazing:

I think you’ll either think it’s silly or incredible. I think it’s incredible. I believe tickets are still available. BUY. Go on!


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