White Hinterland- Lucky Cloud (Arthur Russel cover)

Ohhhh, this is lovely! Get an MP3 of this sweet cover from Tripwire. What a wonderful voice she has. I really enjoyed full-length Phylactery Factory last year, I would love to see White Hinterland live.

White Hinterland is the project of Casey Dienel. She’s pretty amazing, have a listen to her songs, both as White Hinterland and solo. My favourite White Hinterland songs are Calliope and Hometown Hooray, and my favourite solo is Cabin Fever. Hunt them down! She’s great at the piano and has such a wonderful voice… it’s jazzy and all feels really cosy. 

Oh look, how lucky: listen to Cabin Fever here. It’s a real autumnal song. And it has a really lovely lyric: If your heart starts feeling slow there’s a refrain I know, and I’ll teach you, it goes… and then she sings it, and it’s nice.

And I think, even though it’s pretty grim, that the album artwork for Phylactery Factory is really cool.

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