Wrong London, Cryptacize

BOOOO, I want to see Cryptacize. They have a ton of tour dates across Cananda and the US (with Dent May and the Fiery Furnaces) including the other London. The Canadian one. Boo. I wish it were the original one, because that lineup is brilliant. Anyway, Mythomania is a wonderful record, they’re a brilliant live band and I can’t wait for new records and tours and more exciting things from them.

You can watch a cool video of New Spell and download some MP3s here. It’s light hearted and fun. Nedelle has such a brilliant voice. The MP3s are great quality, too.

And while I’m recommending all things Cryptacize-centric, check out their blog and download this mix. Some great songs I probably wouldn’t have ever heard of otherwise. Download all their mixes, actually.

Every note is an un-finished song, we’re all in a cosmic sing-a-long. That’s such a wonderful thought.


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