Ane Brun…. so lovely

It’s freezing in my room, and yet I am more than content to sit here as long as Ane Brun keeps playing. I had the delight of seeing Ane play twice this year, both at the beautiful Union Chapel- the absolute perfect venue for Ane and her wonderful Diamonds. 

Not all the music I listen to can be described as ‘beautiful’, but Ane’s music is probably the definition of the word. She’s got such a beautiful voice and writes such sweet songs.  She sings live with three wonderful singers who she calls her Diamonds. Their voices are just like angels; the make me swoon in the same way string sections do. Completely wonderful. If you haven’t seen her before, I really strongly recommend catching her if you can. I hope she plays Union Chapel again… everyone should get to experience that beautiful thing. It would make perfect sense for her to record a live album there… 

So, if you fancy it, here is a nice video of Ten Seconds live at Union Chapel. Check out those acoustics! Listen to those Diamonds! Absolutely stunning. Seriously, watch that video. Mega swoons.


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  1. Dsata November 11, 2009 at 2:51 pm #

    They are great ! Thank you.

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