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I haven’t really had a chance to blog lately, and probably won’t until Sunday, but that’s only because I’ve been lucky enough to be spending time with some of the most amazing people in the whole world who do so much for me and for music. I am sitting here now listening to beautiful sounds and I am truly heartwarmed. I don’t think my friends realise just how amazing, talented, special and wonderful they are. It’s an honor to be in the company of such brilliant people, I am not worthy! And so, here are a few friends and things I’d like to recommend for you to investigate:

Broken Sound: Yesterday I spent the day with a wonderful person called Chris, who is one half of the brilliant Broken Sound Music label. It’s a label run purely out of love for music and with so much care. I’ve always wanted to start a label and Chris was more than happy to talk and give me some tips and ideas. He’s got such a good heart and you should take a look at the label site here and especially listen to Forest Fire because they are absolutely incredible and you should love them. And once you’ve listened you should go here and buy the album Survival and the single Fortune Teller, and come see them live when they’re back. The music world is so lucky to have labels like Broken Sound. 

Here is a video of Forest Fire, to represent Chris:

How ridiculously brilliant is that video! And even better that it’s at Leah Hayes’ and Michael Leviton’s appartment. So much goodness!

Alessi’s Ark: There aren’t even words to describe what an amazing person Alessi is and how proud I am of her and how much I believe in her and her music. I think so highly of her and I really mean it when I say that there just aren’t words for it. Her music is beautiful, and so honest and real. I feel privileged to have seen her play so much; she’s by far my favourite in town, and even after seeing her play a couple of dozen times, it’s still a complete joy to watch her play. When you listen to her music you should just know that she’s one of the most wonderful people I know/EVER and then I hope it can warm your heart like it does mine. Listen to her songs here, and if you’re in London (or in a 200 mile radius) you should come to the Luminaire show on the 10th of December with Jake Bellows and Treetop Flyers. It will probably be the nicest night… in the history of the lunar cycle. Yes, EVER. You can get your ticket here. I can’t wait. And also, in a beautiful act of symmetry, that show is exactly a year since I first saw Alessi play. 

Here is Alessi playing at the Allotment:

The Allotment (/the WHOLE WORLD) is blessed to have her. 

She Keeps Bees: Every time I think of She Keeps Bees I can’t help but swoon with how much I absolutely adore Jess and Andy. Knowing the people making the music you love are so kind and warm makes listening to their songs so special. They are an amazing band, and so fun to see live. Nests is a great record which I’ve been listening to every day lately (there’s always time for some Nests!). I don’t think Jess realises how talented and amazing she is, she’s most certainly left a giant effect on me and I can’t wait for her and Andy to come back to London. I don’t even feel worthy to know such humble and lovely people. Please listen to them and go see them live.

Here are She Keeps Bees playing in The Britannia:

That video makes me miss them so much. One of the nicest days was when Alessi and I walked over there after work and sat around in the sun and ate ice cream and just got to see this amazing band play.

Sharon Van Etten: This lady is amazing. Her voice absolutely kills me, it’s got so much soul and feeling and is straight from the heart. She was here in London for such a short time but the time I spent with her has made me think so highly of her; she’s a completely inspiring person. She cares about music so much and so genuinely; it was her that introduced me to She Keeps Bees. I think sharing music is such a great gift to give, and I feel so grateful to Sharon. Chris and Alessi both love Sharon too, and so I often find myself in conversation about how amazing she is. I think eveeeerybody is just a bit in awe in the force of wonder that is Sharon Van Etten. She has such a great ear for music! I am looking at an old note and she also recommended Timber Timbre, Here We Go Magic, Glass Ghost, Forest Fire (YES!) and in an email earlier today- Dearly Departed (another winner!). I listened just now and the songs are brilliant. Check out all of her recommendations, and most importantly, listen to her songs.

Here is Sharon playing Consolation Prize:

So beautiful.

So there are the people and things that I am feeling the love for right now. You’d be very well off if you investigate each and every one of those people who just bring alot of light and joy into the world. Music and people are amazing.

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