Laura Gibson Europe Highlights

Back in September I had the pleasure of catching the wonderful Laura Gibson play a few shows.  She was brilliant and it was a joy to hear her beautiful songs live.

I was reading her blog and she has noted some of her Europe tour highlights:

-Riding on the back of a bike, through alleyways and over canals in Amsterdam (Thanks Eric!).

-Seeing Portland and Seattle friends at the End of the Road festival in Dorset County, UK.

-A day off in Paris, devoted entirely to eating and drinking (cheese, fruit, wine, pastries, chocolate – Thanks Bill!).

-Sunset over the Stockholm skyline

-Rest Stop soccer games with the Alela Diane crew.

I thought they were sweet and worth reading. Particularly the ‘soccer games’ one. You can read her whole blog post here, and also read her Japan and West Coast America tour highlights.

Laura is back in London on the 24th and 26th. I can’t make the 24th… booohoo. Interestingly, she’s playing Canterbury on the 23rd. It’s a town not far from where I used to live in Kent. Amazing. Kentish folk will probably miss it without even knowing. Probably one of the loveliest acts to come to Canterbury. Not many acts play in Kent. How lovely for Kent. 


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