Peter Broderick: Freyr & Sunday Song

I’m in complete awe of Peter Broderick. There is something so amazing about his creative genius, it’s so wonderful. He just reels out all this beautiful material. Here are two things you should download:

A Simple Sunday Song: Just something he wheeled off one Sunay (as you do).

Freyr: This one is so sad. If you go here you can see a photo Peter took of an email he received from his father, with Peter holding a photo of Freyr, his cat, over it. The email reads that Freyr has been missing for a while and is gone. Peter writes as a caption to the photograph:

The Summer is over, and the Winter is moving in quickly, steeling our gloves and snatching animals along the way. You deserve a symphony. But you know me, I’m too lazy to write you a symphony. You never seemed to care much for music anyway. This is the best way I can say to you, Thank you for what you gave me.

In the song Peter re-arranges the words in the email. It’s so sad, but completely amazing that he can take such a heartbreaking thing and write a song about it right away.¬†

You should keep an eye on his Flickr for songs and sweet anecdotes from his tours. And of course, listen to his music here.


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