Posthumous Success

Tom Brosseau’s Posthumous Success is a record that I just feels so warm and comforting to put on. Tom crafts wonderful narratives that keep you listening intently, all wrapped up in sweet tunes with lovely guitar parts. He has a wonderful voice and accent. The record was released this year via FatCat records.

The album opens with the humor-tinged Favourite Colour Blue, in which Tom tells of a dream he’s been having in which he has to save Dave Grohl from drumming in Hole. When I saw him live he said he’s stopped having the dream since he wrote the song. Been True is one of my favourite songs of the year, it’s so charming and beautiful. Boothill is a wonderful instrumental piece. When I saw him live he played it with Shelley Short adding harmonies over the top of his humming, leading right into Been True. It was perfect.

New Heights is another favourite. Brosseau is quite the lyrical master, he can have you hanging on to his every word. My favourite anecdotal lyric from New Heights is when Tom recalls: There’s a tattoo on her arm, I saw it there one time, I had to ask just what it meant ‘cos it’s the only one of it’s kind, she said ‘It used to be a name, then I boxed it and filled it in. That’s the last time I do anything like that again’. Brilliant. Pick up the album if you haven’t heard it yet. Visit him here.

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