Release! Release! Release!

Nice She Keeps Bees video with great sound quality, playing Release:

Basically, I’m like a kid in a sweet shop for She Keeps Bees. Like a kid in a sweet shop with a laptop and wifi to blog about it. Except I have the ability to never get sick however much I eat. And when I invite my friends over they love it and all want to take a piece home. Yep, that’s She Keeps Bees.

Today at the Borderline I saw Nancy Elizabeth play and she did this fun song where she had no instruments and just rattled a shaker and tapped a drum stick. After the show I was saying how much I loved it and Lynn was like ‘that’s cos it reminds you of Ribbon‘. She was so right. Owwwwww I miss She Keeps Bees. They are so amazing and lovely and kind and Ribbon has to be one of my favourite things ever in the whole wide world.


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