Review: Bandstand Busking

This particular busk ushered in a departure from the warm, sunny busks we’d enjoyed from April, and welcomed the typically menacing grey skies of November in London. It wasn’t all that bad really; the autumn leaves were beautiful. It also marked a year since I first enjoyed the wonders of Bandstand Busking- hurrah!

First to busk was Sleeping States. It was Markland playing alone. I’ve seen him play a few times throughout the year, the first was solo at the Borderline with many a loop technique, and more recently with a band at the Queen Elizabeth hall and the Bath House. He played an acoustic guitar and it was an enjoyable performance.

Next was Glaswegians The Twilight Sad. I have to admit, I’m not really a fan… which made enjoying their set a very welcome surprise. They played as a duo, acoustic guitar and vocals. The singer belted his vocals out and his voice echoed round the bandstand. Very nice.

The videos will be up on Bandstand Busking. Keep an ear out!

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