Review: John Vanderslice at Pure Groove

What a lovely lunch time instore from the wonderful John Vanderslice. I’ve been a fan of Emerald City for a while, but I’ve not heard any of his other material. He played a nice mix of songs, explaining that he’s trying not to duplicate setlists. 

From Emerald City he played Time To Go, and my favourite, Numbered Lithograph. I love that song and it was such a treat to hear him play it live. His band members didn’t have their instruments, so it was a solo set. John sings with alot of animation and was very sweet and charming and grateful for the audience for attending.

I definately feel it’s well worth looking up his new album and delving deeper into his older material. 

If you want to hear that wonderful song that I adore, Numbered Lithograph, he played it for La Blogotheque, which you can watch here

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