Review: Mariee Sioux at The Luminaire

I was pretty excited to see Mariee Sioux was playing at The Luminaire, London’s loveliest venue. It more than warranted a trip out into the lovely mild November weather (the second part of that sentence is a LIE, it is cold and windy and bitter). 

Anyway. First support was Peter Delaney from Ireland. He was very quiet and played some gentle, sweet ukulele songs. It was a nice opening to the show, his Myspace is here.

Next it was Matt Bauer from the other side of the pond. He had a really brilliant beard. Beyond the beard he was very enjoyable music-wise. He played a charming re-working of the old traditional song All The Pretty White Horses in which he managed to put in a lyric about cake. Bravo indeed. For his last few songs he played banjo and had Mariee join him for some harmonies- it was completely wonderful. I’m glad to have seen him play, you can hear some of his sweet songs here.

Mariee opened with Two Tongues, a truly beautiful song with such fascinatingly dark and hypnotic lyrics. Her voice is hypnotic, much the same way Alela Diane’s or Sharon Van Etten’s voices are. In a live setting it’s hard to believe that people right there in front of you are singing so beautifully and it seems so effortless. It’s incredible. I had listened to Mariee earlier in the year at Cafe OTO but unfortunately I was doing the door and had to face the other way, so it was lovely to watch her play this time. She’s a fantastic guitarist, her finger picking is lovely. I would more than recommend catching her live. Listen to her here.

I didn’t take photos at this show. I knew it would be really quiet and I had a hunch everyone would sit on the floor. I always feel awful taking photos at quiet shows… sometimes it’s nice to just not take photos. 

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