Review: The Allotment at The Betsey Trotwood

Is it bad to review a show I put on (with my friend Lynn)? NO. And thus, I will review it in a completely un-biased way… or something. 

So! The month between this Allotment show and the last one just flew by. People seem to really enjoy Allotment shows and say nice things about it, which obviously makes Lynn and I very happy and proud. All the bands played wonderfully and it was lovely. Brooke did a cover of Poetry In Motion, The Dufflefolks and The Momeraths were brilliant also. Alessi headlined and she was amazing as ever. She played lots of new songs and it was a delight to have her play for us. She’s something truly special and wonderful, amazing person and musician. 

An all round win. Watch the Allotment blog too.


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