Sail Away Ladies!

Wow, everyone is being so kind about that Tristram video I made earlier. Thanks! Animation is time consuming and lots of work, but it’s really fun (!). I only made a jaunt into it the other day, because I wanted to tell the story of when some milkshake got on my shoe. Funny the things that inspire me. So here is my next project that I’ll do later this week…

My friend Alan runs the wonderful Wears The Trousers, who, along with Charlotte Richardson Andrews, have put together an album of beautiful songs. They’ve curated this fantastic album of cover songs, by artists such as: Anais Mitchell, Pepi Ginsberg, Josephine Foster, Marissa Nadler, Ane Brun and many more. What a giant epic win. The songs are all covers of songs performed by Odetta, who was apparently dubbed the “Queen of American folk music” by Martin Luther King Jr. Not bad, not bad…

The album opens with this sweet song Sail Away Ladies performed by Linda Draper. It’s so bouncy and fun. You can hear it over here. Alan and I are going to make a video for it. It will be colourful and hopefully reflect how lovely the song is.

In the mean time, be excited about the album! It’s called Beautiful Star: The Songs of Odetta and is out November 30th as a limited CD or as a download. Make your pre-orders over here. All profits are being put towards two different charities. 

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

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