Scary Mansion

Yes! Remember Scary Mansion? That band I’ve hardly ever blogged about? The one with the singer who is also a hugely talented illustrator? Yes? YES! I am just having one of those overwhelming moments of love for this amazing band. LEAH HAYES! Look at this thing she drew:

After a good show there is always, what I like to call, “DANGER TIME”. Danger Time is when I am so swoony and joyous that I am in danger of saying stupidly hyperbolic things and getting in the ‘so good’ loop (where, like a stuck record, literally all I can say is ‘so good’ solidly for about 5 minutes). 

Lucky after the Paris show I managed to reign in some self control and I don’t think I did the whole Danger Time thing. Partly because I was on my own and everyone was French and probably would have been confused if I went up to them saying ‘so good so good so good’.

BUT! There is a chance for more Scary Mansion Danger Time! I am hopefully going to catch them in Paris again next February. I’m working on a plan. Last time, my dad was kind enough to put me in a hotel because my original plan was to just save money by not getting a room and just strolling about Paris all night. I think it will be cold in February and thus it makes sense to get a room. It will be fun.

So, the thing that made me all excitable for Scary Mansion was this video. I guess it was filmed back in April when Scary Mansion were in France. Leah’s voice is ridiculously raspy; she had a sore throat at the Paris show. I think the raspiness works brilliantly! Her voice is so wonderful. Leah and her sister Vanessa play Mighty and New Hampshire. Mighty is from this year’s Make Me Cry and New Hampshire is from Every Joke Is Half The Truth. I love Mighty but New Hampshire is my favourite. I love that song so so so much. Leah’s fragile voice is beautiful and works so well. Look forward to seeing them again. Listen to the new record, it’s great.

Scary Mansion AHOY!


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