Scary Mansion: Make Me Cry

Scary Mansion have released the follow up to last year’s brilliant  Every Joke Is Half The Truth, and it’s nine songs of pure win. Make Me Cry falls in at just 30 minutes long (to be filed with She Keeps Bees and Forest Fire in the ‘bands from Brooklyn who released great half an hour long records in 2009′ category) and is a treat from start to finish.

The album is heavier than its predecessor, but at the forefront remains Leah’s beautiful, fragile, soft (AMAZING) voice that I love so much. The drums on this record are particularly brilliant, there’s a fantastic drum intro to Yer Grief, and the playful sleigh bells… it’s brilliant.

Over The Weekend is a re-recording of the song Leah recorded as A Magical Touch Of Class with Creaky Boards’ Andrew Hoepfner, this version features beautiful violin that has such a beautiful congruence with Leah’s voice; it’s like fitting puzzle pieces together. I’ve always found violin to be one of the most swoon-worthy instruments, and Leah’s voice is surely one of the most swoon-worthy voices… a match made in heaven. Also, the little drum rattle at 2.02 is brilliant! It’s all these little details that make listening such a joy.

There’s a re-working of Scum Inside, it’s given a more punchy beat and is a great opportunity for new-comers to Scary Mansion to hear a wonderful song. On My Mind was always going to be one of my favourites, it’s a slow, beautiful piano-centric song that just demonstrates what a brilliantly creative talent Leah is. 

I can’t write enough good words about how talented and amazing Leah Hayes is; listen to Scary Mansion and be in love with her illustrations. Brilliant singer, songwriter, musician and illustrator. A whole lot of win in one person.

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