The Allotment with Caitlin Rose

The Allotment is just a couple of days away! This Tuesday December 1st at The Betsey Trotwood. We are really excited. There’ll be all the usual cake and tiffin and general loveliness. I have to go to the Post Office tomorrow to pick up some gnomes.  The Allotment is one of my favourite things about this year; there’s always a really warm atmosphere and lots of nice people come. Please come! Tickets can be bought in advance from We Got Tickets, or on the door. The last two sold out on the door so if you really want to come either buy in advance or get there early.

We are so excited to have the lovely Caitlin Rose headline for us. If you haven’t heard her music yet go here. Listen up! Then come to The Allotment and eat some cake and listen to Caitlin! 


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