The Antlers Videos

Why go to bed at a sensible time when you can stay up until the wee hours of the morn watching Youtubes of The Antlers? No reason to, obviously. So here are some goodens:

Two live in San Diego, November 2nd: I love the live introduction they do on this song, and when Darby sings the ‘ooohs’ while Peter keeps singing you had a new dream, it was more like a nightmare…

The Universe Is Going To Catch You live, acoustic: Amazing amazing amazing. The little toy piano and glock is perfect. I love the trumpet. Perfect.

Sylvia September 23rd : This song is so incredible live. LET ME DO MY JOB!  It gives me chills at the end of the song the way everything is slowed down.

Harvest Moon March 2009: A Neil Young cover. Brilliant.

I am about to go to sleep, then it will be three more sleeps until the Bush Hall show. Three!


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