The Role Of The Record Label

Do you follow Sharon Van Etten (@sharonvanetten) on Twitter? Every time she tweets you can have your memory refreshed as to how amazing her music is and then head to Because I Was In Love for a play. She posted about THIS interesting article on NPR about the role of the record label in modern times.

It’s a lengthy discussion led by Carrie Brownstein with several record label folks taking part. Participants include: Maggia Vail & Portia Sabin (Kill Rock Stars), Gerard Cosloy (Matador), Robb Nansel (Saddle Creek), Mac McCaughan (Merge) and Chris Swanson & Darius Van Arman (Dead Oceans, Jagjaguwar, Secretly Canadian).

It’s an interesting article and intriguing to read the labels’ perspectives on things.

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