Video for Linda Draper’s ‘Sail Away Ladies’

Last Friday I went round my friend and Wears The Trousers editor Alan’s house and we made this video:

Hope you like it. It was really fun to make. The song is from WTT curated charity album Beautiful Star: The Songs of Odetta, which features contributions from Ora Cogan, Ane Brun, Marissa Nadler, Anais Mitchell and more. Get your hands on one! The artwork is beautiful. It’s out TODAY.

I’m WELL into animating stuff at the moment. If you fancy it, here is a weird one I made about FEELINGS. I also made the music. And here is that Tristram one I made, and here is one about MacDonalds.

If you want me to make a video for you, tell me now:

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  1. gerlin November 30, 2009 at 12:10 pm #

    THAT WAS AWESOME!! I want more animations made by Anika. Like the one you did on emotions. I love all animated videos.

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