Who wants to come to FRANCE?

Remember earlier this year when  my blog would probably be about one of two things (1. Wildbirds & Peacedrums OR 2. Scary Mansion)? I have managed reign it in a little. But still, I love Scary Mansion so so so much and I think Leah is amazing. And thus! Thus I think I should go to France again to see them.

Last time I went I went by myself. My friends will know I am directionally inept and do not speak French, so it perhaps seemed like an ill advised plan. But  nothing too weird happened and it was beautiful and I had a lovely time, and Scary Mansion were amazing. They are still in my top 5 live acts of the year. I would love so much to see them again.

If you go to Talitres you can see some tour dates. Tourcoing is actually closer but I don’t know if it’s easier to get to (?). I think it would be fun, and it’s not too expensive. The band are playing with Le Loup at Cafe De La Dance on the 23rd of February, or Le Grand Mix in Tourcoing on the 3rd of March. Mark it in your diaries! Even if they do end up playing London, it would be lovely to see them as much as possible. 

And make sure you listen to the new Scary Mansion record Make Me Cry because it is excellent. Listen.


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