Fever Ray: When I Grow Up

Fever Ray are playing their final UK show at the Forum this Saturday. I am super, duper, duper excited. I caught Karin & co play at Shepherd’s Bush Empire earlier this year. Hearing the songs live made me appreciate the album much more… and it was visually spectacular. Karin has such a brilliant voice and a hypnotic stage presence. I guess everyone knows about Fever Ray already, and the show is well and truly sold out, ┬áso there’s not much use in me telling you to get a ticket… but if somehow you haven’t heard the record yet, I’d definately recommend giving it a listen.

Their music videos are creepy. Basically, Fever Ray are dark. They play in the dark and use lasers. It’s very difficult to shoot- last time I struggled hugely. This time I’m hoping they don’t put the photographers in the pit at the front but instead on the wings that skirt round the side of the venue, joining to the balcony. That’s where I (inconveniently) shot Beirut, but for Fever Ray it would actually work well.


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