Review: Alessi’s Christmas Crackers

Swoon swoon swoon gush gush gush Alessi is the best win win win win. Anyway. I’m cosy where I’m sitting so I’ll do a long, historical, review. Be forewarned…

Many a year ago I became a big Neva Dinova fan. Jake Bellows writes such lovely songs full of minor chords aplenty and dark, often tongue-in-cheek, lyrics. 

Skip forward a few years to 10th of December 2008. I didn’t get a press ticket to Land of Talk so I went to see Ora Cogan at the Wilmington Arms. I don’t know what is about the 10th of December, but I was feeling pretty down that day. I hated my university course so much at that point and didn’t know what I would do. So I walked in the cold (and got lost) until I found the Wilmington. It was a bit early so I sat in Subway eating a muffin while they played the Mamas & the Papas on the PA.

Then at the show Ora Cogan played and it was nice, but Alessi was headlining. She was amazing. My old review is pretty bad and it feels weird to read it, because I was even more ramble-y then than I am now (actually, maybe not) and I didn’t bother to format my posts so the text isn’t aligned (geez!). But anyway, in my stupid review I made quite an understatement; I said: “She was quite unique and special“. Massive understatement. She is totally unique and so special.  The one thing that hooked me so hugely was that she covered a Neva Dinova song, A Man And His Dream. I thought it was brilliant. I also said “I look forward to hopefully seeing her play again soon“. Amazing. I love how we can’t see the future.

So, I saw her play over 20 times since then and got to know that she’s probably one of the most amazing people ever. Every time I saw her play she was wonderful, and we spent alot of the summer eating ice cream and doing fun stuff like riding pedallos and redeeming free chicken at Nando’s.

Now we’re up to December 10th 2009. I love that symmetry! How brilliant! A year to the moment since I first saw her play. This day wasn’t all that dissimilar from the one a year ago. Alessi let me provide ‘winter wins’ in the form of DJing. The Antlers, She Keeps Bees, Scary Mansion and Forest Fire are a fix on any mix! Jake Bellows played a wonderful set, and was joined by the Ark for some songs. It was a treat to see him play again; his new songs all sound lovely. He tried to play Yellow Datsun but forgot how it went. But the part he did was great. Treetop Flyers played and they were lovely.

Then Alessi’s Ark played.  Hurrah! What a joy. She is wonderful. Nothing but pure win. They played songs from the new EP and Jake joined to sing on The Dog and The Horse. There’s not much I can say that I haven’t already said a million times before, but Alessi really is so amazing and wonderful and you should listen to her music here. There’s something really beautiful about watching her play, it makes me super happy. She’s such a talent, she has a gift of being completely wonderful and bringing goodness into everything she does. She shares that with other people. She just makes everyone happy so naturally, and I don’t know if she realises just how amazing she is. It’s really special. She’s incredible, I feel lucky to know her and proud to see her be so brilliant. Who knows what’ll be the score on December 2010… Alessi for Prime Minister. Yeah man.

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