Review: Beach House at Fleapit

You know it’s a good gig when I come on here and blog about it immediately. And when I get all babble-y and excitable and can only squeal for a solid 20 minutes after the gig. This was one of those gigs.

Firstly, I love Beach House hugely. They are one of my favourite bands around today. Devotion is one of my favourites of 2008/ever. It’s such a brilliant album, and with Teen Dream on the way I look forward to more Beach House shows, sessions, news, and all that jazz.

I was so excited about this show that I bought a ticket right away, and then it sold out by the end of the day. Their Bush Hall show is also sold out. It’s brilliant. I had seen them twice previously, but catching them at the ridiculously intimate Fleapit was a treat, and I was more than excited about the show. I love small shows. So much more than big ones. Obviously, some shows are just meant to be big (I don’t think Fever Ray would work at Fleapit, for one) but for the most part, I wish every show could be in venues as intimate as Fleapit.

So, why bother with support when you’ve got Beach House? No support meant we went straight into pure win. Opening with what was written down as what looked like ‘Festival’ the band went into Walk In The Park. When I first heard the album at the Bella Union listening party that song was one of the immediate highlights. It is such an incredible song. I couldn’t help but grin hugely and sway as these beautiful sounds washed all over me. Victoria and Alex seemed in good spirits, playing with a drummer also. Victoria told the crowd ‘we’re only going to do a couple of old ones’ before launching into Gila from Devotion. It was brilliant. The slide guitar on that song is hypnotic- I was swooning. Victoria was quite animated, it’s always fun seeing her rock out on the keyboard.

Following Gila came Norway from Teen Dream. The sound was great, the pedal Alex uses to mimic the bass makes the band sound so full. The sound was engulfing; it was like being swept away into a dream. Beautiful. Next came Master of None from the band’s first, self titled, record. Beach House is all about the details. All the little touches Victoria adds to her singing, the way she sings stuff is what makes it so perfect.

Then it was the new version of Used To Be, a re-working of the single the band released in 2008. They’ve changed the ending of the song and added some nice little parts that give it quite a punch, though I do really miss the old ending with the vocal overlaps. Zebra is the first song on the forthcoming album, and the first time I heard it it practically swooned me into a coma. It’s brilliant, and it was amazing to hear them do it live again. 

Next came Heart of Chambers, a really special song which I love so much. It just completely washed over me. It was like getting a giant hug from one of your favourite songs. That song is incredible. They closed their set with Teen Dream closer Take Care. I adore that song and the simple lyrics: ‘I’ll take care of you, if you ask me to, in a year or two‘. Victoria’s voice has so much depth and the song has such a lot of power. It almost makes me want to do some fist pumps when Victoria starts belting it out. It’s epic. The chord changes make me want to cry. Swoon swoon swoon.

I love that band. Teen Dream will be one of the best records of 2010, and if it isn’t it means we have some pretty mind-blowing stuff on the way. But seriously, it will be. FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS BAND.

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  1. arabella December 10, 2009 at 12:01 pm #

    swooned into a coma! YEAH! ohhhhh it was soooo goooooodddddd. swooon swoon swoon gush gush gush

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