Review: Fever Ray at The Forum

An understandably well and truly sold out show for Fever Ray’s final performance here. I always get excited going to shows where the capacity is more than 300 people… shows like that feel huge to me.

First was Icelandic Hildur Gudnadóttir, who also plays cello in the very lovely Múm. She played by herself this particular evening, taking centre stage with bright white lights beaming onto either side of her. She was dressed in a wonderful outfit, with a giant head dress on… she didn’t speak at all during her set which just added that extra intrigue. She played really epic, apocalyptic cello pieces. She built amazing soundscapes using the loop pedal, it was fascinating to watch one person make such a huge sound. It was brilliant, and set the dark tone perfectly. Listen to her on Myspace.

Fever Ray opened to the rumble of If I Had A Heart. Karin has such a brilliant voice that holds so much depth and power; being at a Fever Ray show is completely hypnotic. All the lights, smoke, laserz (!!!)… it’s quite an experience. Watching Karin open her arms out wide and just motion ‘come on’ with her finger tips and seeing the crowd go wild at the start of When I Grow Up was pretty exciting, she really is an amazing front woman.

Her band are super tight, everything sounded wonderful. Seeing Fever Ray live for the first time was what made me really love the self titled record, and seeing them again was a treat. The band all had amazing outfits on, and there were the lampshades scattered across the stage once again. It was a really special show; Fever Ray are an excellent band and if they ever do more shows here I would really strongly recommend going, even if you aren’t hugely into the album… because you will be after. Brilliant band: Fever Ray.

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