Review: The Allotment with Caitlin Rose

Is it okay to review shows you’ve put on yourself with your friend? YES. Course it is. Here is my perspective on things:

Lynn and I were super happy to have booked the wonderful Caitlin Rose to play at The Allotment. We didn’t start the Allotment to make money or to book artists we weren’t interested in; The Allotment is all about putting on shows with artists whose music we really want to support and have people come out to see. Caitlin is really talented, and we hoped to set up a really nice show for her. Furthermore, I was really excited to see her play after listening to her EP and the songs on her Myspace. It was a treat to have her play.

We decorated up the venue in usual Allotment fashion and splashed out on some gnomes. Our sweet and wonderful friends Arabella and Helen made some pretty amazing cake, and Lynn, tiffin lord of London, made some tiffin. People love that stuff. I like it, but really, some people are CRAZY for it. You should come try it some time.

Anyway. First we had Joe Innes play. He used to play in a band as Maryland, but played a solo set that went down very well indeed. It was wonderful and you should pay him a visit on his Myspace. Following Joe, came a set from Tristram- playing as a three piece with a stripped back drum set and glock and harmonies provided by the very talented Greg Griffin (also of The Lofty Heights). Tristram has a really fantastic voice and it was a great set. Visit him here to hear his songs.

Everyone ¬†was doing well on the cake front by the time Caitlin took to the stage. There was a nice, warm, relaxed atmosphere and Caitlin treated the audience to a set full of songs of her own as well as covers a’ plenty. She was completely charming and sweet, her voice sounding even more magnificent live than on record. She managed to get everyone to sing along to Answer In One Of These Bottles which was super fun. The banter was light hearted and very jolly. Caitlin digs impersonating the English accent, and really loved that a train line runs under the Betsey, so you can hear the trains as they go past.

My friend (and wonderful cake maker extraordinaire) Arabella put it really nicely; when I asked her what she thought of Caitlin she said: ‘It felt really nice. Not like she was there putting on a show for us to watch, she was just singing her songs for us’. And I think that that’s what was so brilliant. It was just this really talented person singing her songs (and other people’s) for us to enjoy. I thought it was really sweet.

I hope everyone who came had a lovely time, I certainly did. Caitlin Rose is really quite wonderful and you should keep your ear out for her in the future, and go see her live when you get the chance! Visit her.

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