Review: The Local/Names Christmas Party

Upstairs at the Big Chill House is a nice little room. It’s cosy and warm and played host to The Local/Names’ Christmas shindig.

First, Oh Ruin played. Singer Eoin O’Ruainigh  was pretty jolly. He got everyone to sing a long with him and played some lovely songs. It’s always nice to come across a local act (who is good and) who I haven’t seen before. Listen to his songs here.

Next was Caitlin Rose. She has such a powerful voice. It’s amazing. She played a bunch of her own songs including Sinful Wishing Well, which is a truly brilliant song. I really love it, you can watch a good video of her playing it here. She also played a cover of You Are My Sunshine, explaining her gran used to sing it whenever there were tornados in Oklahoma (or something), so it would scare her dad whenever he heard it. It’s really interesting hearing little anecdotes like that just because they’re so far from what life is like here. She played a couple of songs with piano accompaniment from her friend Skylar. She really is a talent; Names has such a good ear for great artists- I wouldn’t have heard her if I hadn’t been browsing their site. I really look forwards to Caitlin being back in London and playing more shows, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend going to one. Listen to her songs here.

Next up was David Thomas Broughton. Such is the way of going to so many gigs, this happened to be the fourth time I’d seen him play. Alot of people really, really rave about him, or completely dislike him. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance that evening. Regardless of his humorous antics while performing, he is undeniably a very talented musician. He loops the guitar so brilliantly and his voice is amazing. Every set is different, so despite not being a huge fan, it always feels fresh and is interesting to watch. I’d recommend going to see him play if you’ve yet to experience some DTB action. His Myspace is here.

It was a lovely evening indeed. Pay a visit to The Local and go to a show.

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