Review: Yo La Tengo at Rough Trade

Yo La Tengo have such an epic back catalogue, I can barely say I know their stuff apart from a few odd songs. They played the Roundhouse recently and it was a sell out, so the opportunity to catch them play an instore at the comparatively ultra-intimate Rough Trade East was pretty appealing,

Wristbands were handed out at 6pm, and they were probably gone within 15 minutes. Hardly surprising. The instore itself was lovely, there was a very warm atmosphere and the band seemed really appreciative of the audience- and kindly took requests. It always endears me to a band when they ask fans what they want to hear, it was especially sweet because you could tell that were some pretty huge YLT fans in attendance. At one point guitarist/vocalist Ira Kaplan mentioned it was the band’s 25th anniversary this year, and joked that some members of the audience were younger than the band is. Yep.

Everything sounded great, and they played Speeding Motorcycle- which was fun to hear live (it was only a few weeks ago I heard Daniel Johnston do it at the Union Chapel, and the day before Caitlin Rose had joked about playing it… spooky). I don’t really know their material well enough to comment in much detail, but it was an enjoyable instore and I feel lucky to have gotten to see the band play. The Yo La Tengo Myspace is here if you fancy a listen.

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