She Keeps Bees at The Allotment

I really couldn’t be any prouder to announce this show:

She Keeps Bees! At The Allotment! HURRAY!

I love that band so much, and to have them play at The Allotment is just a dream. I really can’t wait. It feels like I’ve been on a bit of a journey with them… all these different things that have led to this point. From first listening to all of their wonderful songs after a recommendation from the amazing Sharon Van Etten, to seeing them play for the first time at The Britannia in June. It was such a hassle because there was a tube strike, but I wanted to go to that show so badly, my friend let me sleep on the floor in his spare room because he lived close to the venue. It was brilliant to watch them, so brilliant, in fact, that I’d go on to see them a further 10 more times over the summer. The Allotment show will be the twelfth time I’ve seen them and no doubt as breath taking and powerful as the first. What an absolute joy.

I love She Keeps Bees so much. Listen up! Come to the show! Buy a ticket here.

And we have one more amazing show up our sleeves which we’ll announce soon. The Allotment has a Twitter here, if you fancy it. I run the Allotment with this amazing person called Lynn who runs this website here. Yes!


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