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I go through bouts of love for atcs. Like, I’ll consistently love stuff, but then there’s times when I love certain things even more and I just want everyone to get to hear these artists that I love so much and believe in completely. Here are a few of the special ones that I am feeling the love for right now:

She Keeps Bees: I love ┬áthis band so much. I’m so so so happy that they’re playing The Allotment, it will be amazing. They are two of the loveliest people playing music; such a joy to be around. Jessica has such an incredible voice, with so much power. I’ve listened to Nests over and over and over, all the songs feel so familiar and it’s so warm, putting the CD on feels a bit like going home on a cold day and having a nice warm meal. TATSY. Listen to these wonders: She Keeps Bees.

Alessi: All of Alessi’s new songs are on a whole new level of greatness. Go see her live an hear them for yourself! You can hear what a brilliant person she is when she sings. And you can feel it from just being around her. Really, go see her live and you can see what I mean. Alessi’s Ark.

Ema & The Ghosts: This lady is so talented. I love all of her songs; everything she’s done is wonderful. No fancy production, it’s just great songs being performed wonderfully. I think that Ema is wonderful and I would love for everyone to hear it: Ema & the Ghosts.

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