Tristram & Band

I had the pleasure of watching Tristram play three times this week (once at the Allotment- hurrah!). He’s got such a wonderful voice and some really lovely songs, I think (and hope) 2010 will be a really good year for him. He has an EP on the way, featuring the very lovely Someone Told Me A Poem. 

What’s even better is that he’s backed by such a strong band. Greg plays music in his own band (The Lofty Heights) but provides stellar accompaniment to Tristram, offering up sweet harmonies and some great glockenspiel and melodica parts. Becca is an epic cellist; she’s absolutely brilliant. Somehow she manages to play in about 32731848130 (4) bands and bring something really great to each. Drummer Tom is amazing. He’s so animated and fun to watch, and adds in so many lovely little touches to his playing. 

Good stuff. Visit Tristram on his Myspace and go see him live.


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