What The Toll Tells

I haven’t listened to this record in it’s entirety in over a year. I’m not sure why. I am listening now and remembering just how much I loved this record when it first came out. It was released in 2006 by San Francisco duo Two Gallants via Saddle Creek records.

I listened to it loads, and I saw the band play in 2008, but I’ve not really listened since. The album itself is full of brilliant songs with stories that really hook you in. It’s just 9 songs long but approaches an hour in length; and yet, for me atleast, it doesn’t have any lulls.

At the core of each song is a good story. And each song is brilliant. Adam Stephens has a rough voice full of character while the finger picked guitar is propped up by Tyson Vogel’s brilliant drumming.

It’s a brilliant album that I recommend if you haven’t heard it before. Worth revisiting too, if it’s skipped past your ears like it has done mine.

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