Review: Beach House at Roundhouse

After a debacle with tickets I finally managed to get into the show. I fought my way into the downstairs standing area, leaving a wake of crippled security people*. I got right to the front and was pretty excited to be watching Beach House. Shows are so expensive, I usually get tickets in exchange for doing photos. This was the first show in a very, very long time that I bought a ticket AND left my camera at home. Under normal circumstances I probably would have been sad to be without my camera, but I knew Beach House would play in the dark, and I’ve shot them lots of times before… so I wasn’t too upset.

Anyway. It felt pretty lovely to just be watching a gig (and to just have a tote bag instead of a backpack of camera gear!).

I love Beach House, this was the fifth time I’d seen them live. ¬†They mostly played songs from Teen Dream, opening with Walk In The Park. Norway was brilliant and the drums sounded wonderful in 10 Mile Stereo; hearing the songs at a louder volume was brilliant. The only Devotion song they played was Gila. Set highlight for me was Master of None. The middle part of the song where Victoria sings ‘Jack of all trades, master of none, cry all the time cos I’m not having FUNNNNN‘ was so epic, Victoria’s voice was completely engulfing.

The band finished their set with album closer Take Care. It’s one of my favourite songs of the year, the song builds and builds and the choruses are strong and triumphant; Victoria sings with so much gusto… it’s perfect. It was great to see Beach House again.

Grizzly Bear were the headline band. I have to say, I’m seemingly one of the few people who don’t love them. Parts of their set were really nice and they seemed to be enjoying playing (particularly on the songs they did with Victoria). Knife sounded wonderful live. I’ve been told a few times that you need to listen to Grizzly Bear loads and then they will just ‘click’ with you. It’s yet to happen for me…

Beach House are brilliant. Check out their latest record if you haven’t yet, and the first two before it are also amazing.

*this is a complete lie. I am weedy and can only fight old ladies or children.

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  1. Trev March 15, 2010 at 4:18 pm #

    Hmmm. <3 Beach House, extra <3 Grizzly Bear. Such is Anika in London! :P

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