Interview: Dan Michaelson on film

Dan Michaelson

The Local are hosting a series of events at Islington’s Screen on the Green cinema. A lovely act will play some songs and then a movie will be screened. Saturday May 1st will play host to Dan Michaelson and the Coastguards, along with a screening of the brilliant No Country For Old Men. To celebrate, Dan answered some film-centric questions below.

For more info and tickets to the show head to The Local and listen to Dan on Myspace. Come to the show, it’ll be lovely!

Are you a big film fan?

I’m a big film fan but not in a particularly highbrow way, much to my own disappointment. I can happily watch almost anything and enjoy it on some level… be it as an aid to further procrastination and escapism or to be gripped by someone else’s reality for a couple of hours.

What do you like about the film ‘No Country For Old Men’?

I cant think of anything I didn’t like about it. Mindless violence, people lost in old age and life overtaking you without you really noticing, nothing I could relate to my own life…

Last film you saw in the cinema? How was it?

The last film I saw was Kick Ass. More violence and a film without an obvious moral message as such. I loved it… felt like I’d been slapped round the face when I left the cinema. I nearly went to see Greenberg (new film from The Squid and the Whale maker Noah Baumbach) but ended up deviating to Southbank for London Philharmonic instead… I’m certain I missed a great film.

What are your three favourite films?

Arthur is definately one… Dudley Moore: “I race cars, play tennis, and fondle women, but I have weekends off and I am my own boss”. Robert Altman’s A Prairie Home Companion left me feeling odd for weeks and I loved that. I cant choose a third but it would most likely be something awful from the Romantic Comedy tradition.

Favourite actor/actress?

Dudley Moore, who knows why… years of therapy have unearthed no reason for this.

Either Diane Keaton in Annie Hall or Anne Bancroft in The Graduate… hard to pick.. the combination of these two leads probably forms my ideal woman.

What’s your favourite film trilogy?

I cant recall ever committing to a trilogy. I think I watched all of the Bourne films but they’ve just formed one big shoot out in my mind. Never had too much affection for films set in outer space such as Star Trek or Star Wars so they’re out, though I did love Moon with Sam Rockwell so I’m not against everything set outside our atmosphere.

What’s your snack of choice to accompany a film?

Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding please, probably without gravy for the sake of a clean trouser.

If you could get any actor to play you in a biopic about your life, who would you choose?

Of course, Mr.Dudley Moore… who else.


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