Interview: Wye Oak

Interview: Wye Oak

Jenn, of the wonderful duo Wye Oak, answered some questions below. They are brilliant and I really recommend checking out their last EP and albums- Wye Oak. Their fuzzy, dark, folk noise will win you over! Check it out.

Can you make two sentences that rhyme to describe your band?

It’s awfully hard, with music, to define

without also having to consider achieving rhyme.

That’s a cop out; but the truth is

my attempts were all like half-assed seuss-es.

Hope this isn’t the first question;

what a ridiculous first impression.

Stopping now, so as to prevent

any additional embarrassment.


“My Neighbor/My Creator” is the best thing I’ve heard in ages. Are you happy with how it turned out?

Yes, we were very pleased with how it came together. Typically, the more relaxed, loose setting of an EP is a good opportunity to experiment, learn, and stretch…it was a lot of fun for us. Also, it was the first time we had worked with others in the studio, namely our co-producers and engineers Chris and Mickey Freeland, and we were happy to have the chance to learn from the experience before attempting another full-length. (Soon!)

How did that remix of ‘That I Do’ come about?

Mickey Free is a great friend, has been familiar with our music from the very beginning, and was a valuable contributor to the recording and mixing of the EP. We’re big fans of his music as well, so it was exciting for us to see where he might take one of our songs. Couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

What have you been listening to lately?

Some wonderful Baltimore bands have releases in the works. Lower Dens is the new project of Jana Hunter, who has done several solo albums on the Gnomonsong label. Their new album, “Twin Hand Movement,” is pretty unbelievable, and we’ve both been listening to that tons. We’ve also been loving “In Evening Air” by Future Islands, another great Baltimore band.

What’s something you’re excited about?

Excited about this years Baltimore Ravens (American) football team. We Baltimoreans take a lot of pride in our home team, and it’s looking to be a great season for us.

I feel sad that I missed your UK appearances last year. Do you enjoy touring?

Yeah, those UK shows last year were a blast. We played the End of the Road Festival out west of London, and also got to play at Scala in London. We’re really hoping to get back over to EU/UK before long. I’m kind of sad it’s taken us so long to make it happen, but I guess there are a lot of logistics to sort out. We’re very much looking forward to making it back as soon as possible!

What’s your favourite place to play?

I have always loved the Black Cat in Washington, DC. They’re very kind to us there. As for overseas, we played at Botanique Rotunda in Brussels on our last trip, and that was a pretty magical place.

Do you work day jobs back home?

Yes. Jenn works at an American Southwestern restaurant with delicious food which converts itself into a great music venue on most nights. Andy does freelance work on various television and commercial shoots around town.

What’s next from Wye Oak?

We’ll be recording a new full-length in the next couple of months, then doing a little bit of touring around the States. Hopefully we’ll be back over to the UK in early 2011.

Wye Oak are brilliant. Have a listen to them over here and keep your ears out for their next album.

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