Review: Beach House at Heaven

Beach House! I’m not particularly articulate, especially when I’m excited, so there aren’t really words to express how great a band I think Beach House are.

I’ve seen Beach House perform these songs quite a few times now, but I’m not in the slightest bit tired of it. Every single song is pure magic, so it’s just song after song of heart-meltingly wonderful stuff. Not a single lag in the set- it was just a constant, consistent onslaught of gold. Every song! Every album they’ve done is brilliant.

I thoroughly enjoyed this show, in particular it was a treat to hear their new song, which sounded incredible and I can’t wait to hear it again. They did an extended intro to ‘Heart of Chambers’, where it was just that opening note rumbling for a good 20 seconds before the song started. It almost made me cry; it was just so brilliant, and that’s such a special song to me. One of my favourites, for sure. The noise just completely washed over me and I would have happily stood there and listened to them play every single song in their back catalogue five times over.

Another treat came in the form of ‘Astronaut’ from ‘Devotion’, which I guess I haven’t heard them play in about a year. I love that song so much- what a joy to hear it! ‘Master of None’ was as brilliant as ever, as were all the ‘Teen Dream’ songs. They sent us off with ‘Take Care’. There are no words to describe the wonder of that song. It’s so incredibly swoon-worthy it’s untrue. It makes me involintarily clutch at my heart and go ‘awwww!’. The choruses are so huge and perfect. The song is completely perfect.

Victoria’s voice is amazing. The drums are so wonderful, as is everything Alex does. Beach House are a real favourite of mine.

Listen to them and love them- Beach House! Their Shepherd’s Bush Empire show WILL sell out.

White Hinterland opened and they were great again. I love their record and they’re fun live- I’d love to see them again.

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