Favourite things

Some of my favourite things this week:

Virginia Woolf
Kandinsky’s Movement 1
The X Files
Quantum Leap series 3
Dante’s Inferno
The bit in A Room Of One’s Own when Woolf writes about humming Tennyson and Rossetti at luncheon and bursts out laughing, but pretends she’s laughing at a manx cat with no tail.
Saying “Come play with us Danny, forever and ever”
BBC Radio 4′s In Our Time show
Bike rides in the dark along the canal
The desert master in El Topo with all of the rabbits
The pronunciation of ‘Edvard Munch’
Swan Lake/Tchaikovsky

Least favourite things about this week:

Wind blowing the opposite direction you are biking in
That the animals in El Topo were probably harmed in the making of the film
Having not so many things left to read by Virginia Woolf

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