Let It Be Me

Turns out I really love the song Let It Be Me. Originally by Gilbert B├ęcaud in French, the English version was first done by Jill Corey and made popular a few years later by The Everly Brothers in 1960. Those guys!

Also, turns out that approximately 891348301604 versions of the song exist; and lucky for anyone else who loves Let It Be Me but hasn’t taken the trouble to listen to all the versions, I can tell you which ones are the very best.

Here we go:

The Everly Brothers. Those guys! Those voices! You know it’s right.

Francoise Hardy’s version is beautiful and singsongy.

Elvis Presley’s is big in a Wonder Of You kinda way. Ie: it’s really great.

A demo which finally made it’s way onto a proper release earlier this year, George Harrison is heartfelt and lovely as per usual.

Andy Williams’ version with Claudine Longet feels exactly how you’d expect a song by Andy Williams to sound. Thus: great.

Mostly sung by angelic voiced crooners, it’s also worth listening to Bob Dylan’s version. If only to be confused at why his voice sounds like that.

Nina Simone. Obviously it’s great. Obviously.

GOLDEN EGG: Here is a real gem that doesn’t get included in lists. It’s by The Voices of East Harlem. I first heard their record Right On Be Free earlier this summer and fell in love with their version of this song, and their whole record. It’s absolutely wonderful.

That’s just a small selection. Skeeter Davis, Petula Clark, Nancy Sinatra et al have covered it. The usual suspects. And Leonard Nimoy. Yes, not weird at all, I know.

But most of all, I just wish Roy Orbison would’ve done a version. I can hear it my head and it’s the best thing ever.


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