Baccara were a Spanish duo from the 70s who created highly intellectual music that is still debated by scientists and philosophers today. In 1977 they had a big hit with a song they did not write called YES SIR I CAN BOOGIE which sold millions of copies around the world.

The title of the song is typically said in response to a question but depending on the emphasis, you can also make the song title sound like a question. The video opens with a girl running somewhere but it’s not clear where. Where is she running? Is she trying to outrun the arrow of time? Often, running portends ‘danger’.

Next there is a shot of a rose. This is significant because the group is called BACCARA which is of course the name of a fictional black rose. Black is a colour which foreshadows death – what are Baccara trying to tell us? Similarly, the word itself has a striking phonetical resemblance to the word ‘barracuda’, a highly aggressive fish known to kill humans. What are Baccara trying to hint at here?

However, the rose in the video is ‘red’ a ‘symbol’ of love or possibly anger. With the added ripple affect the rose is most likely to symbolize anger. The two women of the pop group Baccara fade in over the red rose, this is symbolic of the way friends fade in an out of your life and possibly could kill you. The woman on the left wears black suggesting she is most likely to kill the woman on the right, who wears white. White is traditionally a symbol of ‘goodness’. Ironically, the woman on the left does most of the singing which suggests the words of the song come from Satan.

The women dance in synch which suggests a latent telepathy between them which becomes activated when music plays. The camera pans in so the women fill the frame; all the while the red rose looms behind, ominous and foreboding…

During the chorus the woman on the right in the white ‘smiles’ but if you look deep in her eyes you see sorrow and pain. She is trying to outrun the rose but ultimately you can never outrun the rose. This suggests to me that the rose is also a symbol of ‘time’. It is unclear whether the women subscribe to the notion that time is universal or merely a creation of the mind (though the ripple effect at the beginning of the video suggests the latter). They run from the roses but they do not escape. The rose also has thorns on it – a rose by any other name would be just as sweet, unless it is ‘Baccara’.

For a full three minutes the women run from the relentless arrow of time and never escape. This is a video laced with symbolism, emotion and intellectual provokation.



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