The X Files

I can’t remember how or why, but somewhere along the line in the past few weeks I had a vision in which I felt I should watch The X Files. I am one who enjoys acting on unexplained visions and thought I should probably look into procuring The X Files on DVD. Due to fantastically low demand for Series 1 on DVD, I won the box set for a bargain price of 99p on eBay. I don’t think I’ve ever been more pleased with myself.

Being that The X Files ran from 1993-2002, I was a bit young when it was premiering new episodes on the tellybox. But I did watch it, albeit sporadically – and mostly on Sky TV during sick days (I took a decent amount of sick days at school). It always felt a bit naughty to be watching it; a bit grown up, a bit scary. It was great.

Now that I am a bonafide grownup (I can boil eggs, eat pizza at 11pm etc) I no longer feel quite so naughty or scared watching it. We moved offices at work last week, and there is no internet in the new office for another couple of weeks. This has meant ‘working from home’ which has meant ‘watching a lot of The X Files’. Mulder and Scully have kept me good daytime company in the absence of colleagues. We’ve had loads of good times. Scully has worn many great suits. Mulder has yelled ‘SCULLY!!!!’ enough times to create a really great sound montage.

All in all, The X Files is pretty great.

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  1. fulltext October 13, 2012 at 4:11 pm #

    Not be spooky or x-fileish or anything, but please do check your system date. I believe your computer is a day behind.

    BTW, how are you?!

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