Caitlin Rose :: The Stand-In

Caitlin Rose’s new record ‘The Stand-In’ is out this month on the excellent Names Records.

The album is terrific; Caitlin’s band is fantastic, the musicianship is brilliant. Her songwriting is wonderful, there is not a single dud track on that record. I’m not in the business of describing audio, there’s a video above. But I really recommend the album as a whole, I know it’ll be one of my favourites I take away from 2013 and listen to for a long time to come. I really feel the care put into the record and the sincerity of the songs.

I love Caitlin’s live show, seeing her play a couple of times this week was a total delight and brought back some nice memories of the dozen + times I’ve seen her play over the years.

One of my favourite artists.


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