Poor Yorick

Things I like lately —–

Poached eggs
Au Hasard Balthazar
The Spirit of the Beehive
John Waters
Not knowing much about art but discovering post-impressionism is an art movement I seem to be into on the whole
Days of Heaven
Caitlin Rose – The Stand-In
Louis Armstrong – Louis and the Good Book
Andy Williams – Happy Heart
Chantal Goya – songs from Masculin Feminin
Van Dyke Parks – all things
Audrey Hepburn’s Moon River
Andy Williams’ Moon River
Moon River
Audrey Hepburn in Charade
Season 3 of 24 (especially: Nina, Sherry, that guy called Chase who we renamed ‘Casserole’, Jack shouting ‘dammit’)
Puccini’s orchestral music for the opera La Boheme
Doo wop doo wop doo wop

Things I dislike lately —–

When I get addicted to the fan heater and am paralyzed
Petula Clark coming up every time I want to hear 60s covers of my favourite songs and then clicking on the video and it always being kind of disappointing

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